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5-Star Reviews

We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve those in our care, and appreciate the kind words from them and their loved ones.

Our family member thrived at this facility instead of being home alone, made great friends, and enjoyed the dorm-like atmosphere for seniors. We have made recommendations for this facility to others. Thank you to the Spring staff for making a memorable, life-satisfying experience for our family member.

Sandra O.

5-Star, Yelp Review

I’m truly happy with the care that my grandmother is receiving on a daily basis from the staff. They are very helpful and caring and I’m very pleased with the level of service. I’m truly grateful for all of their hard work throughout this difficult time. Thank you, Spring for taking care of my grandmother.

Vantana Takata.

5-Star, Google Review

When a friend of mine entered Spring Assisted Living in the Fall, I steeled myself for my first visit. Upon entering, I could immediately tell that this facility was different. Spring works very hard to keep the place clean. It is homey, pleasant, well-decorated, and absent of any “hospital odor.”

I observed that the residents were nicely dressed and in clean clothes, and that the beds were made in each room. Often when I arrived, games and sing-alongs would be happening in the front room.

But what really makes Spring a cut above is the staff. I have never seen a more dedicated and consistent group of people. No matter what day or time I visit, a staff member has greeted me. When they interact with residents, they are respectful and very patient. A lovely staff member manages many of the activities, and her fun-loving personality makes all the residents feel welcome, The executive director is really a great asset to this home. I know that her door is always open if I have any questions or concerns.

When my friend was recently hospitalized, two of the staff members came to visit him, and then visited again when he was transferred to another facility. This was after they had already worked their day at Spring….I was truly impressed and thankful, and it made such a difference to my friend.

To say that Spring has “gotten it right,” would be very accurate. I am so thankful my friend has a real home here!

Jan D.

5-Star, Yelp Review

My 84-year-old father recently moved from his home near Seattle into Spring Senior Assisted Living in Torrance and despite both his and my apprehension is thriving and truly enjoying his new home. I think this has everything to do with the staff and especially the director. From day one (and even on initially visiting to see the facility) the staff were warm and friendly and made us feel welcomed (huge shout out to Casey and Ronald!). The care is efficient, professional, and clearly shows personal attention. I have been contacted whenever they have any concerns about my dad and he feels very well cared for. I have nothing but praise and am very thankful to have found this facility for my dad.


5-Star, Yelp Review